Almost no two bonds are alike and if you have bonding needs, you’ve come to the right place! We have the ability to issue a large variety of bonds…from Preferred to High Risk…from Small Business to Publicly-Traded Companies, and all those in between.  And the majority have a same-day turn-around.

Some of the more common bonds we see are:

  1. Contract Bonds, including:
    1. Performance Bonds
    2. Payment Bonds
    3. Bid Bonds
    4. Specialty Contract Bonds
  2. Commercial Bonds, including:
    1. License & Permit
    2. Court
    3. Fiduciary
    4. Financial Guarantee
    5. And various miscellaneous bonds
  3. Energy Bonds, including:
    1. Operator bonds - OCS mineral lessee's and operator's bonds
    2. Plugging and abandonment bonds - OCS supplemental bonds
    3. Federal, state and local bonds
    4. Right-of-way bonds - including OCS right-of-way grant bonds
    5. Geophysical exploration bonds
    6. Performance bonds - including Railroad Commission P-5 performance bonds
    7. Private performance bonds for buy / sell transactions
    8. License and permit bonds
    9. Excise, fuel and miscellaneous tax bonds
    10. Other miscellaneous energy bonds
  4. Large National Bonds

Some less common bonds we have experience working with…

Commercial Contract

Manufacturers, retailers, technology and wholesale companies may be required to post securities associated with construction when working with public or private entities. This type of non-construction performance obligation can be covered through our commercial contract services.

Large Infrequent Bond Needs

Our large commercial surety office also offers both secured and unsecured capacity for large infrequent bond needs such as appeal, probate, plaintiff’s and lost instrument bonds.

Site Remediation Bonds

In industries where daily operations can be harmful to the environment, bonds guaranteeing remediation of business sites are common. Most common are reclamation bonds for metal and mineral mines, as well as closure and post-closure bonds. These obligations are long-term and hazardous. A site remediation surety bond is an alternative option for your clients with rates competitive with bank letters of credit. This frees up bank capacity and produces recurring revenue for your agency.

Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Programs

Most states allow large employers to forego external workers’ compensation insurance in favor of self-insuring. This requires the employer to post a surety bond with each state and can generate large nationwide bond programs for employers, municipalities and regional hospitals. Our various underwriting tools allow us to consider these high-risk obligations.

Fiduciary Bonds, Judicial Bonds

Because of our specialized knowledge, we are comfortable writing a much broader spectrum of fiduciary bonds than others, including long-term guardianships, non-court-controlled trusts, special needs trusts, and even unique appointments. We have several programs facilitating the issuance of fiduciary bonds including:

  • Professional fiduciary program: Enrollment allows individuals who carry multiple fiduciary appointments to obtain pre-approval for a bond exposure limit.

  • Limited control agreement program: We have established monitoring programs with several brokerages that allow otherwise unqualified applicants to qualify subject to estate assets being placed with and monitored by such programs.

Bail Bonds

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Bail bonds up to $5 million