Bulen & Peeps Wellness Challenge 2020

In these crazy times it is important to stay healthy, mentally and physically.  We are stronger together!  We encourage you to join, as well as encourage and support others to join the Bulen & Peeps Wellness Challenge 2020.

Our goal is to motivate 500 healthy choice pledging participants by the end of the year.  This is not a competition. This is a way for each individual to decide which healthy choices they can make to improve their own health and happiness.

Know that your pledge gets us one person closer to our 500 person goal.  If we have 500 participant pledges by 12/31/20 Bulen & Peeps (otherwise known as Bulen & Associates Insurance Services) will donate to the two charities below that are close to our hearts:

$1,000.00 to Susan G. Komen (to help fight breast cancer)


$1,000.00 to The Unforgettables Foundation (because every child is unforgettable) 

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN!!  Not only do two charities close to our hearts benefit, but we will have encouraged 500 of our family, friends, and customers to make positive changes for a happier, healthier 2020.

Let's finish 2020 off STRONG!!

We are STRONGER TOGETHER!! Are you ready to finish 2020 off STRONG?

Join us!

“I can be a better me than anyone can.”  - Diana Ross