Dental Insurance

What Is Typically Covered:
Most dental plans will cover your care with different co-pay levels, which means that some procedures may be fully covered by your plan, while other procedures may require you to pay a part of the cost.

  • Diagnostic and preventive care – Most dental plans cover these procedures completely or require only a small payment from the patient. Diagnostic and preventive care typically includes checkups, X-rays, routine cleaning, fluoride treatment, and other procedures that detect or prevent tooth and gum disease. The list of procedures that falls into this category varies by provider; for example, a dental plan might consider fluoride treatment a “basic procedure” and require a larger co-pay.
  • Basic procedures – Many dental plans cover these procedures with a small co-pay. Basic procedures include tooth removal, cavity fillings, gum care and repairs to cracked or chipped teeth. Some providers even include surgeries such as root canals in this category.
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