Human Resources & Risk Management

Bulen & Associates Insurance Services Partnership with ThinkHr

Employees are usually a businesses's biggest asset.  Conversely, those same employees are also the biggest risk.  If you have employees, you have employee-centric exposures, known as people risks.  These risks are rapidly increasing and evolving, and what were once considered minor problems are now potentially disastrous for businesses.

We have partnered with Think HR to provide their robust People Risk Management (PRM) solution help you save time and money while reducing risks associated with HR and compliance issues.  Bulen customers receive this valuable service package free of charge.

ThinkHR's PRM solution offers valuable services including:

  • Comply: An extensive resource library including insightful guides, comprehensive checklists, and other resources to navigate HR, compliance, safety, and PRM issues.
  • Live Advisors: Certified, senior advisors to provide trustworthy guidance to prevent and resolve challenging people situations and compliance issues via phone and email.
  • Living Handbook: A federal- and state-level compliant handbook builder that allows the incorporation of unique company policies and delivers policy update alerts as regulations change, allowing you to protect your business as effectively as possible.
  • Learn: A learning management system to provide courses on a variety of topics so you can adhere to compliance mandates, improve safety, foster professional development, and improve employee engagement.

Good HR is good Risk Management.  Including this valuable service to our customers to help protect their assets is just ONE area that sets us apart from the rest.  Call us today to see how we can help you!

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