U.S. Manufacturing is experiencing a resurgence and with that growth, comes more risk. From Food Products to Wood Products; from Plastics to Metals, and everything in between, we have the tools to help you identify, manage and mitigate the risks that are unique to your business.  We can provide special coverage and limits that are specific to the manufacturing industry, such as:

Manufacturer’s Errors & Ommissions – protection against lawsuits by a third party if your product or service fails to perform, due to a design error, manufacturing defect or faulty workmanship

Global Coverage – provides coverage for foreign business exposures and employees who travel abroad.

Product Recall – provides coverage for expenses associated with removing defective products from the marketplace

Environmental/Pollution Liability – provides both bodily injury, property damage coverage and cleanup costs in the event of site contamination

And many more options for coverage, like Equipment Breakdown, Green Building Alternatives, Electronic Vandalism, Cyber Liability and Data Breach coverage, Cargo and Ocean Marine coverage, etc.

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