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Brewery Insurance

  • Save time and money — by getting all the coverage you need through your already trustworthy insurance agents, R. David Bulen Insurance Agency.
  • Enjoy peace of mind — knowing that your business is securely covered and that we’ll handle all the details and we are here when you need us.
  • Improve loss control — Review our Brewery safety tips for more information on what your safety plan is missing.
  • Restaurants Insurance
  • General Liability – This is the umbrella policy that protects you in the event someone slips and falls in your restaurant, gets sick after eating there (whether it was your fault or not). This is a must have in today’s sometime sue-happy world.
  • Liquor Liability – Establishment holding a liquor license carry liquor liability as part of their insurance. It helps protect you and your valued business if a customer has too much to drink and drives and hurts themselves or someone else.

Landscape & Contractors Insurance
As a Landscaper or Contractor, you have unique risks that expose your business to financial loss. To minimize these risks, it is important to have a solid insurance program built around your business and its needs and goals.
Some of the recommended coverages for this profession are:

  • Commercial Auto
  • Equipment Floater
  • Worker’s Compensation

Auto Repair & Body Shop Insurance
Local drivers depend on you for quality auto repair service to get them back on the road fast. If your business is stalled (or even shut down) due to an unfortunate incident, will your insurance help you get back in the driver’s seat quickly?
Your policy can also be customized with additional, affordable options you may need for complete coverage, such as:

  • Portable Tools and Equipment
  • Business Personal Property Off Premises
  • Garage Liability
  • Exterior Building Glass

Non-Profit Insurance
Liability insurance is often sold in packages that combine coverage against common risks, often called “multi-peril” or “commercial package” policies. Buying such a package will usually mean lower cost than if each coverage were bought separately. Whether the organization owns a building or rents, it may find the best way to get a broad package of protections at a favorable cost is to buy

  • an “owners, landlords, and tenants” policy with a “broad form comprehensive general liability” endorsement
  • a “commercial general liability” coverage form
  • a “business owners” policy (despite the name, it is suitable for a nonprofit organization).

Because the business owners policy includes very broad coverages at discounted rates, it may be the best choice, if available. If the organization neither rents nor owns its own premises-for example, a neighborhood association operating from members’ homes and meeting in community facilities-it may be offered a commercial general liability policy, but even if the organization has no property to insure except its records, it may pay less for more coverage with a business owners policy.

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