If Dave Bulen could pick just one type of business to insure...Trucking would be it!  Because there's nothing like a sharp-looking rig driving down the highway!

Whether you're a Large Trucking Firm, an Independent Trucker or a Truck Broker, we've got you covered!

Commercial Auto for Truckers

A Trucking Commercial Auto policy is designed to address the needs of the "for-hire" motor carrier.  Coverages typically available include Auto Liability, Auto Physical Damage and "Trailer Interchange Coverage," which is mandatory for truckers hauling under a trailer interchange agreement.

Motor Truck General Liability

Not to be confused with Commercial Auto Liability, Motor Truck General Liability provides coverage for injury or property damage as a result of a trucker's business activities that are not directly related to operating a truck.  This could include coverage for:

  • A customer's slip & fall at your premises
  • Error in delivery of product or damaged product
  • Damage caused by a driver's actions at another premises, such as loading docks, truck stops, etc.
  • Libel and slander exposures

Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo provides legal liability coverage for motor carriers and truckers that transport the property of others.  Coverages can include:

  • Coverage for loading and unloading, reloading or returned shipments
  • Debris Removal
  • Freight Changes
  • Pollutant Clean-up and Removal
  • Terminal Coverage for cargo at a terminal location
  • Mechanical Breakdown of refrigeration and heating units, for perishable goods or temperature-sensitive items
  • Backhauling
  • Contingent Cargo for goods transported by another carrier under contractual agreement with your client
  • Property while at a terminal or dock awaiting final distribution
  • Physical loss of goods caused by spoilage or temperature changes due to the breakdown of refrigeration or heating equipment, whether in a terminal or on a truck

Non-Trucking Liability

If primary liability coverage is provided for you by your firm, you could still benefit from Non-Trucking Liability coverage for any non-business, personal use.  This coverage will not apply while hauling any type of cargo, whether you are being paid or not and will not cover activities deemed to benefit your motor carrier.  This coverage strictly applies to your personal use of our truck, like running errands, visiting a friend or heading to a sporting event.

Physical Damage Coverage

If your motor carrier provides primary liability, they may not necessarily provide physical damage coverage for your truck.  Collisions, over-turn and theft are typically covered by adding this coverage to your policy.

Other important coverages to consider are:

  • Permanently Attached Equipment - coverage for the "bells & whistles" you may have added to your rig.
  • Rental With Downtime - provides a temporary rental truck while yours is down for repairs.  If an appropriate substitute can't be found, reimbursement for your downtime is available.